Android based SheepBot by vinayak

This design is inspired by the Android logo since I see quite a few similarities between Android and SheepStop. Android is based on Open Source technology and so are the SheepStop Designs sourced from all. The green color in the Android logo represents the royalty payments to the developers and on the same note SheepStop too pays royalty to us designers. And finally I am a big fan of both!

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sheetalgujr on Sat, 7 Aug 2010 at 12:14 am feels

Nice one........
7 Yay
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Designer: vinayak

Joined the flock in: July 2009

Submissions: 23

Wins: 12

vinayak is a Ram earning his living as a Mechanical Engineer while grazing in the hilly green pastures of Mumbai, India. He is a graduate from Mumbai University with a Bachelors and loves to read, socialize and showcase his creativity

Simple 2 step Winner Selection process

1) Every week, 10 Designs with Highest votes make a Grand entry into the SheepStop Casino
2) Design that garners Maximum Bets at the Casino is declared as the Winner!