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Vada Pao?
Stay Focused
Scooter for single
Follow the Breath
hawa aane de
We Are One
dont be dumb
think biggg
big salute
moh maya
real man
bhala manas
being in college
Bharat k Bapu
Space Ganesha
Elephant Trooper
laakho mein ek
aage aage dekho hota hai kya
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Latest Testimonials

dhrmesh feels:
mine ek sirt kahridi, accha lage, fit baitho hae mharepar, thnk u.

sumanthas feels:
Got tee in 2 days, loved personal note and was perfect fit and more over liked the small sheep on the back of tee. Many more tees will add in my wardrobe. cheers !!!!

sathya feels:
You were very helpful and cooperative. And your notes are really cute! :) Good luck to you!

mayasrinath feels:
Your shirts completely lived upto my expectations and are incredibly comfortable. Loved the tees!

rocky04 feels:
I had ordered 4 for me and my frds and received my order in 48hrs, fabulous service and quality of products. and I know my frds are going to just love it !! thank you sheep stop

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